The moment gravel was thrown at Trudeau by a protestor

The gravel rained down on Justin Trudeau like manna from heaven. For weeks, the Prime Minister has been in a tailspin, unable to articulate why he called an election and struggling to define the core issue to be decided at the ballot box. He has consequently been flailing, withtaking a nosedive.

For lack of a central message, the Liberals have tried the bogeyman approach, portraying Conservative leader Erin O’Toole as a destroyer of health care, friend to anti-vaxxers and champion of guns—but none of that has quite stuck. Enter the gravel.

These nameless, faceless protesters, some of them brandishing banners of the People’s Party of Canada, have emerged as the perfect foils for the Liberal leader. On Monday, when one of them threw some gravel at Trudeau, they granted him the opportunity to look a victim in the face of unprovoked aggression.

He expertly spun this point the next day at a press conference, citing supporters, volunteers, police, journalists and health-care workers who have faced similarly loud and angry anti-vax protests . Those are the people I want to defend, he proclaimed. One person’s gravel is another person’s political gold.

Where has Doug Ford been since the federal election began Not on the campaign trail, that’s for sure. In a stark contrast to 2019, when he became Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s bogeyman, helping him secure several key seats around the Ford and Trudeau are playing nice. That’s by design.

On Aug. 16, the Star detailing a truce between the Ontario Progressive Conservatives and federal Liberals; insiders from both camps agreed they were not each other’s enemies, and preferred to work together on issues such as border security and the Liberals’ $10-a-day child-care plan, which Ford’s government is

On Aug. 26, the Globe took the story a step further: not only has Ford laid off bashing Trudeau, but he also requested that his team for federal Conservative leader Erin O’Toole. Is it that the federal Tories have asked him to sit this one out, fearing a repeat of 2019. Or that Ford’s ego is still bruised from that campaign Or that he noticed his approval numbers soar when he works constructively with his federal counterpart Regardless, contrary to the photo above—taken with some farmers in Stratton, Ont.—this time around, Ford has no interest in being Trudeau’s strawman.


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