Pakistan lagging due to lack of rule of law: PM Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Tuesday declared that Pakistan has lagged behind due to lack of rule of law.Addressing the audience at the groundbreaking of the Islamabad District Courts’ building today, the premier said that the tragedy of Pakistan is that there are separate sets of rules for the poor and rich.

The prime minister spoke at length about the rule of law, speedy justice and development, highlighting where Pakistan went wrong.We used to see Pakistan moving forward and then it started moving backwards, Prime Minister Imran Khan said, recalling that the country was moving towards development in the 1960s, but then things gradually started going downhill.

Comparing Pakistan with other third world countries such as India and Bangladesh, he said we are far behind in this day and age while these countries have taken the lead.The premier blamed the lack of rule of law for the state Pakistan is in today. We have been left behind due to lack of rule of law, he said, highlighting that the powerful and influential segments of society always want to be above the law.

NRO was the biggest injustice

PM Imran Khan said former military ruler General  Pervez Musharraf had no right to promulgate the National Reconciliation Ordinance  under which cases against many politicians, political workers and bureaucrats were withdrawn.The biggest injustice Gen  Musharraf did to the country was giving NRO, the premier said, adding that Musharraf did not have the right to give NRO to the powerful because the looted money belonged to the nation.

Only a society that upholds the rule of law is prosperous, Prime Minister Imran Khan said.The weak want justice and the strong want to be above justice, PM Imran Khan said, assuring to extend every possible cooperation to the judiciary in dispensing speedy and inexpensive justice to the common man.

The prime minister noted that supremacy of law is important to uplift any society. Provision of justice to the masses is our priority, he said.The premier said he was proud of being part of the 2007 Lawyers’ Movement which was aimed at strengthening democracy and ensuring rule of law.

He called it a historic struggle. The premie  however regretted that the movement could not achieve its desired results.Islamabad High Court Chief Justice Athar Minallah, in his remarks, appreciated the premier for the initiative of the Islamabad District Courts’ building, which aims to facilitate judges, lawyers and litigants. He said the district courts are the guarantor of the rights of weak segments of society.

Chaudhry said a detailed discussion was held on electoral reforms, with Adviser to the Prime Minister on Parliamentary Affairs Babar Awan, Federal Minister for Science and Technology Shibli Faraz, and Minister for IT and Telecom Syed Amin ul Haq giving detailed briefings to the cabinet in this regard.

The information minister reiterated the claim that no sitting government had proposed electoral reforms, and PTI is the “first” to do so. Nawaz Sharif’s PML-N has never won an election without rigging, which is why they are not interested in changing the system.”If the system fails and becomes neutral then the Sharif family has “no future” in politics, he added.

Maryam Nawaz and  Bilawal Bhutto Zardari can become the prime ministers in case Pakistan’s fortunes take a turn for the worst or there is intense rigging  there is no other way for them to become prime ministersThe information minister said no Opposition member has held talks with the government over electronic voting machines, nor have they reviewed the bills in this regard.

Sitting at their homes, they reject all electoral reforms saying we don’t accept it he lamented adding such an inept and incompetent Opposition had never existe in Pakistan.The information minister said PML-N and PPP leaders’ politics revolved around getting extensions in the hearings of their cases, so the court does not decide against them, as he continued to slam them for not paying heed to reforms and policymaking.

The entire globe is talking about Afghanistan, but you will not hear PPP and PML-N give their stance on how to handle the refugee crisis he said adding It is unfortunate that Benazir Bhutto’s party is now in the hands of jokers.Chaudhry, responding to another question, claimed the Opposition was unaware of society’s problems as they are not well-versed with technology.

If you aren’t in sync with the changing world, then you will be left behind, that is why reforms are necessary  for moon sighting and counting votes, the information minister said.Responding to a question about PML-N leader Javed Latif, Chaudhry said he was a political joker and an attention seeker, as he keeps making attempts to get the army’s support.He belongs to a party whose unfortunate policy is to sit outside GHQ’s gate and seek the attention of institutions, the information minister added.

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